About MAKAHZ Business Solutions

The MAKAHZ Business Solutions is company that was formed by young black youths that possess vast industry and academic experience. The company aims to empower the youths of South Africa by providing them with a platform to develop their academic and entrepreneurial skills. We believe that empowering the youths is empowering todays and the future generations as the youths are the ones who are the most economically active and will remain productive within the foreseeable future. With our unique culture and opportunities, our organization is a place where you can grow. Wherever you are in your career, we help you to make a difference every day

Our Vision & Mission

To provide customised quality, reliable and remarkably unforgettable service to all our clients.

We have a passion to make a difference in the communities we serve. Our entrepreneurial spirit, leads us to believe strongly that “What Can Be Done Should Be Done and What Cannot Be done Must Be Done.”

We are committed to finding the best way forward in a fast-moving and highly competitive technological field. To remain at the top, we relentlessly pursue quality, with an uncompromising passion for excellence

Our Services

  • Audits
  • iConsulting
  • Web and Mobile Development
  • Governance and Assurance
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Training
  • IT Skills
  • Enterprenural Skills
  • Project Management
  • Life skills and Creative skills
  • TOGAF framework
  • ICT Research Skills

Professional Affiliations